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Covid 19 update

August 2021:

We are no longer subject to strict COVID guidelines, but intend to still proceed with care. Therefore, if you wish to join any of our classes please either contact 

Diane 07460819614 

Dancers are asked to :

  1. Stay at home if you feel at all unwell

  2. Take a COVID test unless you have had both COVID jabs

  3. Make use of the hand sanitisers provided

  4. Maintain sensible distancing at all times

  5. Not bring unnecessary items into the hall

  6. Bring correct money and place it directly into pot provided

  7. Book a place before your first attendance at a class

  8. Provide name and contact number in case we need to inform you of infection



Dance instructors will:

  1. Provide sanitisers at entry/exit points

  2. Disinfect hard surfaces and touch points before each class

  3. Limit the number of participants

  4. Open all doors and windows during classes

  5. Design and sign a one-way system for arriving/leaving venues

  6. Record data to support 'track and trace'

  7. Develop a booking system to control the number of dancers

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